Dialog products

It is a web ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution aimed at small and medium enterprises based on integrated transaction system. A very wide business area is covered, from finances, accounting, procurement, sales, provisioning and stock management, expense management, asset management, production and human resources, as well as salary management. We also cover different industries, sales, production and construction industry. Through all application elements a system of transaction confirmation is embedded, business processes and plans, digital archive and interactive system communication with surrounding elements. The system is very flexible so that most of the needs we process through parameterization or by adding independent modules in order to achieve system reliability. A part of transactions can be used on mobile devices in order to allow quicker and more direct dana entry on a work place.

If you need to archive a great amount of unstructured digital dana, and later you wish to search them by diferent criteria, we have developed DMS  (Document Management System) application. A web based DMS application is intended to archive, accepting classifications, indexing, managing, validating, downloading and serching a great number of digitalised documents of all kinds. The solution is conceptually based on MoReq2010 standard.

A sistem of integrated cigarette vending machines that allow purchase of cigarettes, condoms, coupons can also be a jukebox or a advertising pole. Each cigarette vending machine is an independent automated machine that communicates with central server and telecom operator when needed. Central server accepts transactions from automated machines, and sends price lists and advertisements. For the needs of cigarette machines we developed an array of electronic components in cooperation with Playtronic company.

If you have automat clubs, and you need an application for monitoring transaction on automated devices and automatised reporting for The Department of Finances of software Jackpot, we also have a developed solution. The online system is consisted of server that communbicates through our devices (SMIB) connected through the net with the server, and on the other side with automated machine through one of standard protocols (SAS). Users can access the application through web browser from inside or outside of a club. Users through the web browser can access the application whether they are in or out of the club. Along with monitoring transactions, a Jackpot and a Smart TV system is implemented with our mechanical counter. More automated clubs can be connected into a global Jackpot.