Dialog services

Through our long standing practice we understood that every client is unique with it’s human resources, organisation, and business processes – which in essence results with a unique IT system. When developing business solutions according to our client’s needs we use Oracle methodology. By implementing this methodology we ensure our client with quick and controlled implementation of requirements based on prototype principle. In the early phase of development we reach the prototype application so that client can ‘experience’ the application in that early phase. For „non-business“ applications we use agile methodology for software development. We design and produce electronic equipment with the goal to integrate it into a single IT system when needed.

By implementing our own business solutions we achieve optimum in expenses, deadlines and functionalities. Regardless of high level of flexibility of our existing solutions, there may be a need for modification. Modified solutions are continuously being improved based on client’s needs.

During implementation at client’s location we are often met with existing information solutions which we successfully integrate and combine into an integrated system with the aim to optimise the existing business processes. The integration ranges from device connection to integration of complex other producers information systems.

For clients that don’t have the need to own their own information system, we offer renting their own solution as a service (saas) on our servers or in ‘cloud’. We offer our client a permanent access to an application which allows connection through web browser (ie, chrome, firefox). we care about maintenance, archiving, upgrades and software modifications due to changes in legal system. It is important to note that is possible to additionally adjust these solutions to the end user.

By cooperating with a client, independently or jointly, we take the overall care for maintaining IT system, regardless of how the system is constructed; whether it is consisted of our software, computer and network equipment, telecommunication equipment, system or a third party software. We organize a continuous supervision of information system, prevent activities, perform software upgrades and improvements of our and licenced system. We monitor and manage your network and telecommunications, but we also care for your system security and archive. We also maintain your equipment, servers, work stations, printers and telecommunications equipment. If needed we can lend you our equipment while yours is returned from service.

By developing, implementing and maintaining numerous information solutions from different business areas we offer our clients our experience based on ‘the best practice’ principles. Along with this approach, if needed, we are ready to find innovative and more advanced solutions with our client. Our consulting service is also present in optimal choice and application of Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source technologies. We help choose computer and network equipment, as well as other hardware and software components of other producers.